Deploy and Manage High Level Security and Compliance Solutions

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Managed IT Services is a tough and competitive business.  During this webinar, we will show how Managed IT Services Providers can leverage high level Security and Compliance solutions that are easily deployed and managed. 

Join Steve Rutkovitz, Choice Technologies CEO and partner along with Security Expert Bill Sieglein for a discussion about how MSPs can use the security assessment and remediation process in order to bring your security and compliance offerings to a whole other level.  


  • Your clients will be asking you to solve their security issues not only from a network perspective, but from an industry compliance perspective. 
  • Researching products that meet complicated compliance standards is a major challenge of MSPs.  During this webinar you will discover a streamlined process so you can hit the ground running and start providing these services without all of the confusion and research. 
  • Differentiate yourself from other MSPs who offer “Security 1.0”.  Security and Compliance solutions in 2014 have to go beyond a simple hardware or software  offering.   
  • Most importantly, high level Security and Compliance offerings have high recurring margins.
Our  webinars cover multiple topics and range from interesting educational sessions to addressing the challenges you face today, to simple but instructive demonstrations of GFI MAX Products. Watch this space for upcoming webinars and don't forget to check out our Previous Webinars section for a slice of what you might have missed.