App Control - Manage Office 365 and Google Apps with GFI MAX RemoteManagement

Monitor and manage clients' Office 365 and Google Apps from your RemoteManagement Dashboard. App Control gives you the power and flexibility to easily transition your clients to cloud services - work smarter, faster.


Using MAX Mail with Office 365 and Google Apps | GFI MAX Mail | [Webinar Series]

An increasing number of organizations are moving to hosted email solutions, including Office 365 and Google Apps. Join Chris Jefferies (GFI MAX Sales Engineer), for a discussion on how MailProtection and MailArchive can and should be used in conjunction with other cloud-based providers.


Automated Tasks and Scripting in GFI MAX | GFI MAX RemoteManagement | [Webinar Series]

Join Paul Fenwick and Todd Haugland as they explain and demonstrate how you can easily stay ahead when it comes to availability, performance and user experience problems; enabling you to concentrate on growing your business the easy way!


Building Your IT Support Business | GFI MAXMail | [Case Study]

Chris Pallett, Managing Director with Bespoke Computing in the UK, discusses how he uses the GFI MAX MailProtection and MailArchive services to grow his company's managed service business.

Case Study

New MSP Revenue Opportunities - 2013 EU Cust. Conf. | GFIMAX | [Conference Series]

Chris Martin discusses How to design and package a service that takes the pain of BYOD and MDM away for your clients and builds strong recurring revenue for your business.


Mobile Device Management - 2013 US Cust. Conf. | GFI MAX | [Conference Series]

Introduction to MDM in which we will show you how to add mobile devices to your Dashboard, basic WiFi and email account setup (ideal for BYOD), advanced setup for company owned devices including passcode restrictions and VPN access and what to do when a device is lost or stolen to ensure your clients' data does not fall into the wrong hands.Mark Petrie, Director of Engineering, GFI MAXChris Martin, GFI MAX


GFI MAX RemoteManagement Service Release - February 2014

Welcome to our second service release update via video! If you're busy, dive right on in for a quick overview of key release information. And if you're not busy (or procrastinating, or holiday-ing on the beach - in which case what are you doing reading this?) and want to kick back and indulge in a full-on text session, head over to our now very popular, in-with-the-in-crowd MAX LinkedIn group where you'll find the full release notes.


Coming soon - cloud management just as it should be

The need to work faster and smarter means that more and more businesses are moving to -  yep, you've guessed - the Cloud. The upshot? They get to do better business, and if you're smart,  you get to help them do it with the coming-soon-to-a-dashboard-near-you cloud management tool.


How GFI MAX ServiceDesk will help you to offer awesome customer support

Join Colin Muir & Eric Anthony for this Technical Webinar looking at how you can improve customer experience and enhance your operational processes across all areas with full support service management and delivery, anytime, anywhere.


GFI MAX RemoteManagement Service Release - January 2014

Welcome to our first service release update via video! We couldn't resist breaking down our regular release information into digestible chunks of key information and delivering it to you in a no-nonsense format. You'll get the main bits without the fluff - PLUS the fluff in the notes if you really want it (we know lots of you do) - as always,  posted in the MAX LinkedIn group.