How and where to find help

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If you need to contact technical support, please do so via the 'Help' menu, 'Request Help' on your Dashboard.

Status page

If you are experiencing problems logging into your Dashboard, then please check our status page. In the unlikely event of any outages to the Dashboard or GFI MAX RemoteManagement and Mail infrastructure in any territory, this page will be updated accordingly.

Technical Support Form

If you are still unable to login to your Dashboard and do not have contact details for your local support team, then please contact our worldwide support team who will direct your query to your local support team. However, due to time zone differences, there may be a delay in receiving a response. Therefore, we recommend you save the contact details of your local support team. For all customers, contact details of your local support team can be found in the Help Menu, About in your Dashboard.

GFI MAX forum

To discuss technical features of GFI MAX products, share your experiences and see what others have to say about theirs, please see our forum where our engineering team hangs out.

LinkedIn discussion group

To discuss business aspects of GFI MAX RemoteManagement, MailProtection and MailArchive and see how other MSPs use these products to MAXimize their business, please join our LinkedIn group where our team like to spend time making sure they're listening to what you're saying.

Request new features and ideas

To submit new feature requests and vote other feature requests up or down, please see our ideas site, but wherever you decide to visit, see you there!

GFI Knowledge Base

The GFI Knowledge Base is where you'll find a raft of questions and answers about all things GFI-related.