GFI MAX Building Blocks™

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Marketing material to help you sell your service - FREE for MAX


Grow revenues, scale your business, offer a better service – MAX makes it easy!

Everyone knows the benefits of building managed services revenue for your IT Support business, but making the transition can be a long and sometimes arduous journey. GFI MAX is here to make this as painless as possible with our Building Blocks to Managed Services Program.  

We know that many emerging  IT Support companies have difficulty showing the value of a managed service to potential customers. Furthermore, many have told us that implementing  managed services is difficult and  time-consuming.  That's why we developed the  Building Blocks approach.

Fast and easy transitioning

The MAX Building Blocks Program is all about making managed services easy and practical - and making the transition fast. We don’t believe that implementing and selling managed services should involve lengthy and time-consuming training, complex business models and/or complex software to install.  But we do believe it can be easy - and with Building Blocks to Managed Services Program you’re able to get going TODAY! For FREE!

Best of all,  our Building Blocks program provides a way for you to market services that your customers can

  • Easily understand
  • Easily grasp the benefits of
  • Easily buy

There are two approaches to selling Managed Services and building profitable, recurring revenues

  1. The 'Home Run' approach.  Propose an all-encompassing Managed Service agreement that sees you completely change the way you do business with your customers, introducing wide-ranging, proactive services and flat monthly fees. Sure it works sometimes, however there are some big barriers you have to overcome if you’re to make the sale and the odds of hitting this particular ball out of the park on a regular basis are slim. Even when you do there can be a big sting in the tail. You carry big risks on fixed-cost contracts when you don’t know what you’re taking on. Our advice it take it slow.
  1. The ‘Base Hit’ approach.  Under this approach, you warm up your break/fix customers to the idea of flat-fee service contracts and you build a degree of trust one step at a time. Rather than trying to knock it out the park on the first ball, you sell them a small, affordable service that helps them see the benefits of an on-going monthly fee.  A service that generates good profits for you and ties the customer to you so you can build trust and the foundation for sales of progressively more complex and lucrative managed services. This thinking underpins our Building Blocks to Managed Services Program.

We believe in easy and affordable, not just in the way we sell our software to you, but also in how you could sell services to your customers.  After all, it’s a lot easier to sell a low-priced service, get your foot in the door and then work your way around the bases from there.

We make it easy to get going by putting everything you need at your finger-tips, providing exactly what you need to attract new prospects and migrate them through progressively more complex and lucrative managed services, including

  • Sample sales collateral to use as you like - royalties free, customizable and ready-to-use!
  • Overview and implementation guides – to explain the services and what to include under each service block
  • Sample legal agreements – contracts, statement of works
  • Sample website, email and social media copy
  • Customer presentations...

....and much more!

And here’s the best bit - it's FREE

To get access to our Building Blocks materials all you need is to be one of our valued GFI MAX RemoteManagement customers. All the information is easily accessible from the famous MAX  dashboard along with a huge range of additional resources that will give you more ideas on how to grow your business. It really is that simple!