SNMP and Network Monitoring

GFI MAX RemoteManagement provides a comprehensive range of remote SNMP monitoring, network monitoring and performance management solutions for MSPs and IT Support companies, so you can easily and affordably look after your customers’ servers, networking equipment, remote offices and websites -  for a profit.

SNMP Monitoring

Our solutions put you in control by offering:

  • SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) monitoring
  • Network device connectivity
  • TCP service monitoring
  • Network security

Network device connectivity

GFI MAX RemoteManagement's PING Check provides an easy and effective way of testing network device connectivity. In just 10 minutes you can configure a number of PING Checks for the devices - on the LAN or external network - that are critical to daily business operation.

Test network device connectivity for the availability of critical network devices; printers, photocopiers, routers etc, within the local network, to ensure remote offices are contactable, test non Windows devices such as Linux, Unix or Apple Mac are operating, or PING web and email servers to check that they are live.

When a device goes down you'll be alerted immediately via SMS or email, so you can act fast to restore the connection and keep business up and running.

Remote network security

The GFI MAX RemoteManagement's Network Security Monitoring tools help you analyze network security so you know backups have been successful, AV software is up to date, and you are alerted fast to any malicious activity. Knowing that your security infrastructure is in place and software is up to date provides the added peace of mind that networks and data are secure.

Network security audit

GFI MAX RemoteManagement provides a suite of tools to quickly and easily monitor network security on firewall ports, unauthorized login attempts, security Patch Management, Antivirus signature file update check and Back-Up success.

Antivirus monitoring

We also keep things easy for you by integrating with all mainstream existing Antivirus software vendors. GFI MAX RemoteManagement's Antivirus Monitoring gives you a “closed loop” view to check that your virus software is up-to-date.

Manage security risks on the network with TCP service monitoring

GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s TCP Service Check alerts you to security risks and malfunctioning TCP/IP Services/applications, so you can spot developing problems on the network, and fix them before they become bigger problems.

The TCP Check monitors a specified port on an IP address or hostname on the LAN, WAN or internet, and alerts you if it is either open or closed. Use it to:

  • Check specific ports - like 25 (SMTP), 80 (HTTP), 3389 (RDP), 1723 (PPTP) - are open when they shouldn't be
  • Test systems availability/function with the TCP services check
  • Check the email server is accepting email
  • Check that the database server is available
  • Check that the network services DNS, DHCP, Wins, etc. are up
  • Check that the web server is accepting connections
  • Check that the required ports on non-Windows operating systems - such as Linux, Unix or Apple Mac - are not accepting connections
  • VPN services are available to remote users

SNMP monitoring

GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s SNMP monitoring makes it easy to stay on top of any SNMP-enabled network device and report the status back to your GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard. One consolidated Dashboard view makes it easy to stay on top of even the most diverse IT and business infrastructure.

Monitor any SNMP-enabled device; server room aircon units; manufacturing instrumentation; industrial fridges; vending and ticket machines; heating and cooling plants; security and fire systems and more.

GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s SNMP monitoring polls the device itself, rather than waiting for the device to issue a trap. This gives the added benefit of also confirming the device is still there -  think of it as a sort of SNMP PING check.

With GFI RemoteManagement's Network and SNMP monitoring, you can spot problems early, show where upgrades are needed and deliver better network performance - easy!