Systems Reporting

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With GFI MAX RemoteManagement's comprehensive reporting tools for MSPs and IT Support companies, you can spot trends in system performance and demonstrate the need for upgrades or replacements. Prove your value by 'own-branding' your reports and documenting the otherwise 'unseen' work that keeps the IT systems that you manage in top form.

Reports are available in a range of formats including pdf, xml, csv and sql dump so that you have total flexibility. They can all be customized with your logo too, so you can set yourself apart from the competition and deliver higher customer satisfaction.  System reporting has never been so easy!

Daily systems check

A short report showing the results of the Daily Health Checks.

Weekly systems check

Schedule a weekly version, showing the results of the Daily Health Checks over the past week.

Monthly systems check

Report on key metrics without lifting a finger. Use this report to sell more upgrades. You’ll be able to spot ongoing issues that need fixing and demonstrate the case for additional system investments.

Client Monthly Report

Client reporting

Using the Client Notes Report, you can produce a report outlining problems and technician entered root causes.

Bandwidth and performance monitoring history reporting

Easily identify when and where performance bottlenecks occur, on the server or network, with Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History Reports. You can view and print 24-hour and eight-day history reports of bandwidth usage, or any Performance Monitoring parameter (such as processor utilization), directly from your Dashboard.

Access these reports at any time to proactively spot trends that could impact your clients' network, or diagnose any performance issues that they have experienced. Not only do these reports help you maximize the availability of your client’s network, they also help you identify opportunities to sell server and network upgrades to improve performance.

Hardware and software inventory reporting

With Asset Inventory Tracking you can produce informative and concise inventory reports showing all the hardware and software installed.  Put your best foot forward when competing for new business - scan your prospects networks in five minutes and deliver your own-brand Inventory Report in your proposal to help win the bid.

Client Inventory Report

Fault history reporting

Our Fault History report tool helps you illustrate your clients' uptime and explain any outages.

General Fault History Report

Critical event report

Delivered to your inbox every morning, this report shows critical events across all servers. Without having to manually login to every server, or trawl through a mountain of emails, you'll be able to quickly scan your network base, pick out key problems and act.  Easy!