Remote Server Monitoring

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Easy and effective remote server monitoring that enables you to manage the health of one of the most critical business systems – the server.  GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ Server Monitoring for Windows and Linux helps you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage through proactive monitoring of server security, hardware and disk performance, applications and bespoke software.

GFI MAX offer two categories of performance checks for both Windows and Linux: ‘24/7 Round-the-Clock’ Checks and the ‘Daily Safety Check

Windows Server Monitoring - 24/7 Checks

  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Windows Service
  • Disk Space
  • Critical Events
  • PING Checks
  • SNMP Check
  • TCP Service Checks
  • Website Checks
  • Roll Your Own Event Log Check
  • File Size Check
  • Bandwidth Monitoring

Linux Server Monitoring - 24/7 Checks

  • Bandwidth Monitoring Check 
  • File System Space Check
  • Linux Daemon Check
  • Log File Check
  • Performance Monitoring Check
  • PING Check
  • Process Check
  • Script Check
  • TCP Service Check
  • Web Page Check

This service turns conventional IT support on its head. Rather than wait for the IT guys to notice that a system has failed – often involving time-consuming ‘systems fiddling’ on their part – GFI MAX’s 24x7 monitoring will alert you to problems at your customers’ site. You’ll almost always know about a systems issue before they do, so you can fix problems fast and minimize their business disruption.

24x7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring checks your customers’ critical systems every five or fifteen minutes at their request. Whenever it sniffs a problem, it sends an email or SMS alert showing the exact nature of the problem rather than having to depend on (ahem) your best guess. That means you can fix it faster – and radically boost your overall uptime - easy! 

The Daily Safety Check is a popular, easily understood and easy to implement service, which will help you address many underlying systems issues while your customer is still on a break/fix agreement so that you are optimizing on their dime.

Daily Safety Checks available for Windows

  • Anti-Virus Pattern File Check Daily safety checks
  • Backup Complete Check
  • Drive Space Consumption Check
  • Critical Events Check
  • Microsoft Exchange Check
  • Hacker Check
  • Physical Disk Check

Daily Safety Checks available for Linux   

  • Antivirus Update Check  
  • Backup Check
  • File System Space Change Check
  • Hacker Check
  • Log File Check
  • MTA Queue Check
  • MySQL Check
  • Package Management Check
  • Physical Disk Health Check
  • Physical Memory Health Check
  • Process Check
  • Script Check

It’s probably more important to the long-term health of your business to have this service implemented than it is to make a large margin on it. While you need to make money on this service, your long-term interests are best served by gaining insight into your customers’ networks to help you price Managed Service contracts more accurately later.  To find out more, contact your GFI MAX Account Manager who can talk you through the service and how to get the most out of it.