Automated Maintenance

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The automated maintenance features in the GFI MAX RemoteManagement tool work hard for MSPs and IT Support companies - helping you stay focused on growing your  business, not on mundane routine tasks . From service scripts to automated tasks and custom scripts, we make efficiency easy.

Easy and comprehensive managed services scripts

  • Direct from the GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard
  • Stay 'on the ball’ without physically touching every computer
  • There’s no scripting language to learn
  • Manipulate any file and/or registry key
  • Ability to launch/close any applications
  • Deploy any type of script and execute locally
  • Automated error and failure handling
  • Automatic OS detection

Via the web Dashboard, the tool provides visibility to networks, while creating a flexible and secure solution for you to deploy software, patches and various other automated tasks and custom scripts.  In turn the systems will run more efficiently, resulting in overall improvements in end-user and organizational satisfaction levels and productivity.

Setting automated tasksWith GFI MAX, IT Support Companies and MSPs can easily automate many of the day-to-day IT tasks they don’t normally have time to do -  so build for the future, grow your business the smart way and give yourself the time to reclaim evenings and weekends!

Automated tasks

With GFI MAX RemoteManagement you have the ability to automate routine Administrator tasks through the integrated web Dashboard, as well as script your own tasks, which you can run through the Dashboard on your own schedule.

As you’d expect, the tool already has the ability to run automated tasks. There are certain pre-configured tasks in the set-up which can be applied to servers or workstations, both singly and in groups. These are easy and quick to configure, and are easy to track through the Dashboard. Tasks can also be driven by events such as failures of other checks.

Custom scripts

When using GFI MAX RemoteManagement IT professionals can, if they wish, script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. This becomes a very powerful tool, most of all helping you to increase revenues and profits by meeting your customer’s individual and specialist requirements. User-created scripts drive profitability by cutting the cost of delivering preventative maintenance and reducing time spent travelling for technicians. The ability to perform more checks will ultimately create additional opportunities to build revenues by spotting more problems.

Automated Tasks

The flexibility that is provided by supporting 8 of the most popular scripting languages means customers can use tools that are already familiar to them to monitor custom applications and specialist hardware and to automate a virtually limitless number of key maintenance tasks.

What’s more, we’re committed to extending the library of scripts that GFI MAX provide as standard and provide a mechanism for customers to share their custom scripts between themselves, or submit them to us for testing and potential inclusion in the core product.