Monitor and manage clients' critical cloud-based applications with App Control

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Your clients needs are changing, and that means you need to change with them. The need to work faster and smarter means that more and more businesses are moving to -  yep, you've guessed - the Cloud. The upshot? They get to do better business, and if you're smart,  you get to help them do it. That's where App Control comes in.

Cloud management as it should be - powerful, flexible, uncomplicated

  • manage clients licenses, users and mailboxes in Office 365 and Google Apps services* via our unique 2-in-1 platform
  • add exceptional value and address clients evolving needs by helping them to do business across the full range of IT environments -physical, virtual and cloud
  • App Control is efficient and automated - get real-time 360 visibility and the control you need to manage your clients cloud services across their entire organization...

...all via  a single, easy-to -use pane of glass. Office 365 and Google Apps consoles can be difficult to master - it's far easier to perform user and group management tasks through your MAX dashboard and do away with the need to login to multiple consoles.

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Offering a robust range of capabilities...

  • Delivers enhanced administration, reporting and monitoring
  • Enables management of multiple cloud accounts for clients
  • Fast on-boarding/off-boarding - create, update or remove users
Whats more, you can easily manage manage security groups, distribution lists, organizations and teams as well as being able to provide historical and future reporting on usage and spend - customers will find this very useful, we guarantee it.
  • Correlates data from one service to another
  • Enables trending and historical analysis - so you get to see when additional licenses and storage is needed 
  • no time-consuming patches or updates to worry about
Differentiate yourself by offering management of both Google Apps and Office 365 cloud services, easily working between the two.

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...via one pane of glass

We're repeating ourselves, but it's a key function. We like to call it our "all-in-one, solution-driven, next-generation monitoring platform" - but we know real people don't talk like that so we don't mind if you shorten it to 'My MAX Dashboard'. 

Address client issues around cloud applications

Cloud management can be complicated for some businesses trying to do it solo - complex consoles can be challenging and not everyone has the time or skills to master yet another business necessity. App Control gives you the opportunity to take the headache out of cloud management for your clients. Trust us, they'll thank you.

What's more, using the data at your fingertips you'll have the ability to advise clients on cloud strategies and current trends - but more than that, you'll be able to offer a tiered cloud management service built around client needs. As we're prone to say, don't just take our word for it....dive in and see where App Control can take you!

* We'll be adding support for additional cloud-based services in the near future so this is just the beginning. Watch this space.