Remote Management, Monitoring and Support

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GFI MAX RemoteManagement helps you grow your business, make more money, attract more customers and tie wandering break/fix customers to you - and makes it easy. What's more, this RMM tool has been built for use by any business model.  Whether you're break/fix, support bank or managed services, MAX helps you deliver superior IT support services.

Built for any business model

Our remote management software is built for MSPs and IT Support companies of all sizes. No matter what business model you're running, our comprehensive RMM software will help you deliver a superior service to your customers.

MAX helps you cut costs

Boost efficiencies and cut operational costs with automation and address issues proactively with instant alerts and Daily Health Checks. With GFI MAX RemoteManagement you can automate time-consuming manual checks on event logs, disk space, file sizes, Exchange® and more.

MAX keeps you focused on clients

This is a comprehensive remote monitoring and management system that keeps things easy and affordable. It takes just 10 minutes to implement, requires no training and needs no hardware to be installed or maintained.  Demonstrate your value - use our reporting tools to spot and illustrate the need for system upgrades, and the Client Weekly Report to strengthen working relationships with your clients. Whats more, with GFI MAX ServiceDesk, our super-efficient and ultra-flexible helpdesk tool, you can start streamlining your support processes too  - meaning  no more lost business, no more frustrated customers. Bingo!


MAX helps you win more contracts and make more money

With GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s innovative tools such as its Own-Brand System, Client Portal and Reporting, you can set yourself apart from the competition and win more business. We alert you to issues by email, SMS or dashboard, often before your client even knows there's a problem. Better still, your email or SMS alert gives you insight into the exact cause of the problem so you are able to fix it fast, reduce downtime, and keep your clients happy.  Easy!  Got a question? Head over here for help.