Products and services for IT companies and MSPs

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GFI MAX helps IT Support Companies and MSPs just like you to grow monthly revenues from existing customers, attract new customers with affordable, high value, easy-to-use services and deliver proactive, cost-efficient services that help you grow your business profitably. Easy!

GFI MAX RemoteManagement

Our fully brandable RemoteManagement system not only let’s you fix a multitude of  issues on your clients' systems remotely, if it’s a standard problem it’ll even do the repairing for you. On top of this there's the option of branding the system as your own, reporting on systems performance, asset management, mobile device management, seamless integration with your helpdesk tools and other automated tasks, plus much, much more.  There’s nothing else remotely like it.

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GFI MAX Backup

For MSP’s that don’t need our integrated MSP platform with a robust backup feature, we have GFI MAX Backup.  Ultra-fast, ultra-secure and affordable, this stand-alone hosted offsite backup solution has been built from the ground up specifically for IT support companies and MSPs just like you. Entirely brandable as your own system - and easy to deploy, configure and manage client backups from  one central dashboard -  we make it easy for you to offer your customers a comprehensive online backup service and make recurring revenues.  And the best thing about GFI MAX Backup? Its lightning fast set and forget service–  no more tape drives, no more manual backup routines, no more lost data.

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GFI MAX Managed Antivirus

A stand-alone product, or part of the RemoteManagement portfolio, this is the easy to deploy, configure and manage tool that’s ideal for anyone interested in migrating customers to managed services. It offers you and your clients highly effective virus protection with very low impact on system resources - trust us, they'll love it for its simplicity and so will you. It's pretty competitively priced too, so it’ll help make you money - without any on-going labor overheads. And like all MAX products, it can be fully branded-up as your service.

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GFI MAX ServiceDesk

Super-efficient, ultra-flexible, and extremely reliable, GFI MAX ServiceDesk provides MSPs just like you with the ability to deliver a superior customer serviceand boost productivity.  A growing business that has to support a growing customer base means that the comprehensive features MAX ServiceDesk provides are exactly what you need to streamline enquiry management and manage other critical support processes efficiently and affordably.

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GFI MAX MailProtection

Welcome to our hosted GFI MAX MailProtection product. It’s easy, affordable, fully-brandable and comprehensive. And, as usual, to help you grow your business we’ve taken things a step further. So as well as hosted anti-spam, email security and a highly compatible continuity service (with cloud-based filtering of spam and email-borne threats); we’ve made it so that you can tell your customers that they can even access and respond to emails while their own email infrastructure is offline. Now who’s gonna be popular next time your customers are in a flap? 

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GFI MAX MailArchive

GFI MAX MailArchive takes the load off your customers' in-house email systems. It's easy to use, affordable and a fully brandable and hosted email archive solution. It's simple to use and fast to deploy. There's a fully hosted architecture and the whole shebang can be set up in under 10 minutes - or seconds (yes, really) if you're already using MAX MailProtection. With no on-going maintenance need: set it, forget it and watch the monthly revenues flow.

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