New, improved Remote Access now integrates existing Teamviewer installs - easy!

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GFI MAX RemoteManagement Take Control connects you to your customers - wherever they are - within a few seconds. And now, if you're an existing TeamViewer customer, GFI MAX will detect this and you can simply 'click to connect'. No more  'uninstalls', no more conflict.  Just manage all your clients from one dashboard and benefit from a complete and comprehensive MSP platform.

With our Remote Access feature, if you're using Take Control or Teamviewer, one click allows easy and secure remote access, attended or unattended, to any server or workstation, from your GFI MAX RemoteManagement dashboard - as if you were sitting right in front of it. 

Improve productivity, streamline processes....get on board with Remote Access:

  • No extra charge if you're already at your monthly cap
  • Fast support - connect immediately, even through firewalls
  • Cut costs - provide faster support to more users without additional staff and travel expenses
  • Secure connect - highly secure, reliable connection with low impact on bandwidth
  • Reporting - generate remote access session reports
  • Attended or unattended - allowing you to work out of hours

Simplify your life and your business and start managing everything from ONE place. Easy!

Free Webinar: Faster Support Without Additional Staff and Travel Costs using Take Control 

Want to find out how you can cut costs and enhance customer support? Then join us for our webinar on the 19th March to hear about commercial benefits and technical tips on how to use Take Control for fast remote access and support from the GFI MAX RemoteManagement dashboard. Easy!