How Managed Online Backup works

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GFI MAX uses robust IASO Backup technology to provide the Managed Online Backup solution that can be implemented from the GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard. You can monitor servers and workstations and automatically run backups from your dashboard, reducing your workload. With automated own branded reports you can demonstrate your service easily!

Takes just minutes to implement!

You can enable backup on individual servers and workstations or, on all servers and workstations at the client or site level, specifying whether or not to backup system state, which files and folders to backup, files to exclude and the backup schedule. And, multiple different backup schedules may be set-up to suit customer requirements.

You can download and launch the backup manager to backup VMWare instances, Exchange Information Stores, SQL Server instances and network shares. Backups are stored for 28-days and restores (also performed at disk block level) either online or from the optional LocalSpeedVault™ initiated via backup manager launched from the Dashboard.

Effective algorithm

Only data which has changed is backed up in relation to previous backup sessions. IASO's True Delta™ technology searches for change at disk block level where, on average, only 0.1 - 0.5% of the protected data set will have changed. IASO’s Virtual Drive technology means that the encrypted backup data, online or from the optional LocalSpeedVault™, can be browsed via Windows Explorer.