Pricing for GFI MAX Managed Antivirus

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Providing you with the best for a minimal cost is what we spend our days trying to do - and here we go again.  Our GFI MAX Managed Antivirus product is available on a month-to-month basis, and it's also one of those pay-as-you-go and pay-only-for-what-you-use models.  (See how we keep doing that?)

It's one of the most comprehensive and most affordable antivirus services available, geared specifically for guys like you to provide an easy way to offer ongoing managed services to your customers with minimal cost and effort to your business.

OK, so here's all the good stuff - are you sitting comfortably?

  • Affordable per device monthly pricing, with no start-up costs
  • Costs you just a few pennies per day
  • Sell it for a monthly cost that you decide
  • No infrastructure to buy or maintain
  • Gives you great margins
  • Pay as you go, with value-oriented pricing and no upfront costs or hardware to fund
  • Risk-free trial plus month-to-month contracts with no lock-in
  • Free 24x7 technical support by phone or by email
  • No quotas or minimum commitment requirements

Provide a valuable ongoing service for your customers

And get this...when you combine Managed Antivirus with the RemoteManagement tool, you could provide a service of even greater value, costing just a few pennies per day per user and providing a valuable ongoing service for customers:

  • A single dashboard view with alerting via email, SMS, customer portal or Wallchart
  • Client reporting - automatic daily, weekly or monthly reports - can be branded as your own
  • Management and monitoring of servers, networks and workstations
  • Automated maintenance - automated tasks - pre-defined/user-defined
  • Remote support- attended and un-attended support from dashboard
  • Asset tracking and reporting - collect information on hardware and software, export reports and bills with accuracy
  • Patch management for Microsoft and Non Microsoft applications. Analysis, reporting and remediation
  • Integrations - quick and easy integration with PSA, help desk, ticketing and other systems

More about GFI MAX pricing

We've got one thing in mind and one thing only - and that's to make things as easy for you as we can. That's why GFI MAX is priced for MSPs like you to easily build margins and sell Managed Services.   One thing we get asked alot  is why we don't publish our pricing on our website, or any other public forum. We don't do this for the simple reason that your margins would be revealed to your customers and we don't think that's something you really want. We are, however, ready to run through pricing in as much detail as you need - call us and we'll take you through everything you need to know.  Easy!