Features of GFI MAX Managed Antivirus

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GFI MAX Managed Antivirus offers the busy IT Support Company a comprehensive service to help you manage, report and fix your customers' virus threats.

MAV Settings


  • Deploy and configure AV software to all or some customers’ servers and workstations and monitor AV status.
  • Apply multiple AV/Malware configuration policies.


Based on award-winning GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business – renowned for low impact on target systems and no hassle!

Easy to use

  • Receive alerts in GFI MAX RemoteManagement when a virus is detected.
  • Reduce your workload - remedial action to viruses/threats - automated or manual.
  • Demonstrate your service - own branded customer reports show you’re on top of security.
  • Simple and clean user interface - no training required.

One solution for all your customers

GFI MAX Managed Antivirus is deployed and configured to all customers’ devices with just a few clicks from your dashboard - easy!  You can migrate from another Antivirus vendor really fast using the FREE Competitive Agent Removal Tool (CART) from VIPRE Business.  It automatically removes existing Antivirus agents from devices (where supported) when you install the tool.


  • Pay monthly per device with no upfront costs.
  • Costs from just a few pennies per day.
  • Priced for MSPs to easily build margin and sell as a Managed Security Service.
  • Cancel anytime contract.