Flexible, secure email archiving for MSPs and IT Support

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GFI MAX MailArchive is a powerful, easy to use, affordable hosted email archive solution built specifically for IT Support companies and MSPs. Easy to get going, MailArchive allows the storage and management of customers growing email volume with its powerful but simple search, reference and retrieval features.

Stand alone email archiving - or integrate with MailProtection

The GFI MAX MailArchive service is available either as a standalone hosted email archive solution, or as an integrated service with GFI MAX MailProtection to provide comprehensive spam and virus protection, always-on email continuity, and email message archiving. MSPs and IT support companies can save time and money with one easily managed and comprehensive solution for email security.

Setting up GFI MAX MailArchive takes from just a few clicks to no more than 10 minutes if you're new to GFI MAX Mail. As a fully hosted email archiving service, GFI MAX MailArchive, requires no hardware, software or other infrastructure to maintain, and works seamlessly with virtually any existing email infrastructure.

You're probably wondering how you can get started with this flexible, scalable archiving solution - may we suggest the first step is to give your nearest GFI MAX account manager a call. There's nothing they like better than the opportunity to tell you about the products they've grown up with, and they can have you up and running with a 30-day FREE trial in no time. Easy!