Easy, affordable hosted email solutions

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Offsite IT videoThe GFI MAX Mail Security service is a fully-brandable, integrated solution created for MSPs and IT Support companies. With a single console for email security, continuity, and archiving, this safe, secure and easy-to-use package includes MailProtection and MailArchive – both of which are also available by themselves if that’s what works for you. 


GFI MAX MailProtection

GFI MAX MailProtection is our hosted email security and continuity service. In addition to providing cloud-based inbound and outbound filtering of spam, viruses, and other email-borne threats, the service also provides customers with integrated continuity – allowing customers to continue to access and respond to email - even when their own email infrastructure is offline.

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GFI MAX MailArchive

GFI MAX MailArchive is our hosted email archive solution and is available as a standalone product or with GFI MAX MailProtection.  Featuring a fully hosted architecture, rapid deployment,  unlimited scalability, and zero ongoing maintenance requirements, MAX MailArchive provides reliable and secure storage of customers' inbound, outbound and internal messages in multiple, geographically distributed datacenters.

When bundled together, GFI MAX MailProtection and GFI MAX MailArchive provide an integrated solution and a single console for email security, email continuity, and email archive.  Easy!

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