Easy to use software that grows with you

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CCR Case Study VideoEasy to set up, simple to manage and ideal for the small IT support company to get going fast. What’s more, with MAX you’ll be confident you’ll not outgrow the system or be locked into a system that will hold you back.  We offer what you need to run your IT support business effectively, whether you are a small start-up or a large established fast growing MSP.


Break/Fix or Managed Services – it doesn’t matter

GFI MAX software fits any business model - so as your business grows and changes, MAX can easily adapt. Easy switch on/switch off features and our simple pay-as-you-go pricing and no contract, means you can just pay as you grow too, only paying for what you use. So it's easy to include the cost of MAX in your customers support contracts.

Attract new customers

Set yourself apart from the competition by branding the entire system as your own.  Show prospects your system and you’ll soon win more contracts.  Reports can also be branded as your own to further sell your value, keep your name in front of your customers and show you're on top of their IT.

Grow your business and start building recurring revenues

Not only can you proactively monitor and maintain your clients’ servers and workstations but you can start selling services to build a recurring revenue stream. GFI MAX offers pre-packaged services so you can sell a daily health check on backups, antivirus status, workstations, event logs and other critical system elements.  You’ll receive alerts and be able to fix issues before your clients even know there’s a problem.  By reducing downtime your customers will get great IT and you can enjoy a less stressed life.  With quick remote support, you can increase your productivity without hiring additional resources.  And, if you want to spot more opportunities to sell upgrades and new services you can use the free asset tracking tool.

Take a free 30-day trial of GFI MAX RemoteManagement today and see for yourself how easy it is to get going and start earning revenue.


  • Pay monthly

  • Pay only for what you use

  • System costs just pennies per client per day


  • No long-term lock-in

  • Rolling, day-to-day, cancel-anytime contract

Easy web-based system

  • No hardware

  • Takes just 10 minutes to set-up

  • No training

  • Local support team