Established and looking to grow

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Are you stuck in in a rut with your RMM software? Have you hit the ceiling with your current tool?  Are you looking to change your business model?  You’ve come to the right place!  We have helped thousands of businesses just like yours break out of the confines of their current software and business model to let their business grow to its full potential.

At MAX we believe in keeping things straightforward and making IT support and Managed Services easy, so we provide you with flexible software that does what you need it to do - and fast.  Our pricing structure is also ideal for a business looking for flexibility as it grows.  

GFI MAX helps you to

  • Move your business from break/fix to managed services
  • Evolve your managed services offerings to the next level
  • Offer a mix of break/fix, support bank and full managed services customers with the same easy to use RMM solution
  • Change as your business changes. We don't do rigid software that holds you back. With MAX we like to say 'no' a lot. No contracts and no commitments.  You just pay for what you use when you use it.  How simple is that?

We offer you a complete range of IT Support software that’s easy to build break/fix or managed service offerings around.

  • Automated Monitoring – so you stay on top of your customers systems and can spot sales opportunities
  • One integrated dashboard for you to view and manage problems as they arise, wherever you are
  • Integrated remote support – One click to provide fast remote connection to servers or workstations so that you can fix problems fast and make your tech-time more productive
  • Brandable reports and alerts – so your customers can see your value and know you're on top of their IT

Much More than just RMM

Integrated Managed Antivirus, Managed Online Backup and Mail Security -  which includes in the cloud virus and spam protection, integrated archive and email continuity - are also available.  All pay monthly and only for what you use, branded as yours and hosted, so there's no hardware or software to worry about. 

RMM software you won't outgrow

With arguably the most comprehensive MSP software platform you can buy, you don’t have to worry about out-growing our system or being boxed in with out-of-date and inflexible software and  contracts.  GFI MAX offers you what you need to effectively run your business, from system monitoring and alerting, remote connection, automated patch management and automated maintenance, to easy-to-use scripting for your custom tasks and asset and inventory tracking.  Within the same single view dashboard, you can also manage workstation and server antivirus software as well as Managed Online Back-up.  Add to this our easy and affordable Email Security offerings and you’ll never out-grow MAX.

GFI MAX is more than just software

We give you great software that we release new features and functions for every few weeks.  So you're always on the most up-to-date version.  But it doesn’t end there.  We give you the marketing tools to help you grow your existing managed services business or to manage the transition from Break/Fix to managed services.  We call this our Building Blocks to Managed Services.  Our thinking here is simple - if you're successful then we grow with you.  We like that and that’s why we try that bit harder to help.