Pay as you go means you pay only for what you use

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We've come up with a genius plan.  We won't charge you for what you don't use.  We hate the concept of shelf ware where you pay for things you don’t need. Seems obvious, huh, but we were the first to think of it and have been doing it that way from the start.  Plus we think it's only fair that we earn our pay, so there's no contract either - if you don't like the service you can simply walk away. Not that you will, because we're not asking the world from you.

At MAX we love to say NO!

We believe in keeping life simple and offer you software the way we’d want it if we were still in your shoes. So we don't ask for any money down from you to get you going and we love to say No a lot.

  • No minimum quotas
  • No  hidden charges
  • No  costly upgrades
  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • No  money down

Even better, it's such a brilliant and easy product to use that you won't have to spend time and money on training.  Now you see where we're coming from when we say 'genius plan'.