Manage your systems from one easy dashboard

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Instead of you having to tape together loads of unwieldy, incompatible systems, we’ve brought it all into one intuitive dashboard. Long and short? Adios fluff, mess and scrambling between systems, because the complete and comprehensive MSP platform has landed. And because it’s easy-to-learn, you’ll never have to worry about training. 

Everything at your fingertips

This means that Manage Antivirus, Backup, Remote Support, Automated Monitoring, Patch Management, Asset Tracking, Alerting and Viewing and Reporting can all be managed from one intuitive dashboard.  Easy!

We make it easy to get up and running fast, safe in the knowledge that you won’t out-grow MAX as your business changes in the years to come. You can use and pay for what you need right now, easily adding in new features when you need them. 

Manage customers' systems on the go with our mobile apps:

Mobile Apps