About GFI MAX backup solutions

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GFI MAX offers a comprehensive, robust and ultra-fast backup solution in two fantastic flavors –

Both solutions provide military-grade protection for your customers data, meaning peace of mind at a very affordable cost. 

GFI MAX Backup - free standing backup

If you're already using an RMM solution and are looking to add a Backup service to your business offering, then GFI MAX Backup is for you.

Reliable, automatic and ultra-secure, this stand-alone hosted offsite backup solution is ready to use alongside your existing remote monitoring and management solution. Like all GFI MAX products, it's been built from the ground up specifically for IT support companies and MSPs just like you. Entirely brand-able as your own system - and easy to deploy, configure and manage from  one central dashboard –  the GFI MAX Backup tool makes it easy for you to offer your clients a comprehensive, robust online backup service.

What's more, it’s affordable , meaning you only pay for the storage you need - and there’s no expensive hardware or software to buy meaning low, low labor overhead for your business.

The best thing about GFI MAX Backup? It’s a lightning-fast set-and-forget service. No more tape drives, no more manual backup routines. It really is that simple.

If you're ready to go and would like to sign up for a free 30-day trial right now, head on over here. For more information and a full run down of what GFI MAX Backup can offer you click here.